Nectar Mattress – The Most Comfortable Sleep Mattress 2018 – My Review

Nectar Mattress – The Most Comfortable Sleep Mattress 2018 – My Review

The Nectar mattress is made from visco-elastic polyurethane foam. A material that structures around you when you lie on it and once you remove the pressure it regains its original shape. The Nectar Mattress is a good quality memory foam mattress which is the one that gives you the firmness without compromising your back, hips and joints. It evenly distributes your body weight as well.

Nectar Mattress- A Memory Foam

It you want to feel like you are sleeping on clouds, Nectar  mattresses are the one you must be looking for. Nectar’s mattress is all foam, made up 4 layers, and comes with an overall thickness of 11 inches. Top layer is the 1 inch thick “comfort layer” which is a cover made from tencel and cotton. Followed by the cover that is quilted with gel memory foam, there is another 1 inch thick “support layer” of gel memory foam and is faster-responding than most memory foam. Next is 3 inches “transition layer” of more memory foam and then there is 6 inches “foundation layer” which is a high-density poly foam support layer.nectar mattress

The Nectar mattress review is rapidly gaining fame in the market for its affordable price as well as for its conforming, supportive, and uniquely comfortable features. Besides with its unique firmness level and innovative cooling system it is becoming people’s favorite memory foam as it gives a true memory foam feel.

 Nectar Mattress: The Best Memory Foam

High rates as well as the heating effects of foams seems to be the major issues that holds some buyers back from purchasing memory foam beds. Nectar overcome all these problems thus making it one of the best memory foams available out there. The features that brings it to the top of the list includes:

Comfortable Nights- The Nectar sleep mattress is constructed with only one firmness level i.e. medium firm, providing a calm and flexible sleeping environment. The medium firmness intends to attract an extensive variety of sleepers. Different layers of mattress provide support during sleeping and is ideal for side sleepers as well. Moreover, it does not let you sink in it regardless of your weight unlike other mattresses, and provides you a firm and comfortable surface.nectar mattress

Avoids Motion Transfer– Someone who shares their bed are well aware of disturbance created by continuous motion transfer. This amazing memory foam keeps you from waking from a deep slumber because of the movement of your entire bed and avoids transferring your sleeping partner’s motion. Thus, letting you to sleep in peace. A great job is carried out by these soft memory mattresses by avoiding the numbness in hips and shoulders as it uses two memory foam layers instead of just one.

Relives Lower Back Pain- Are you looking for a memory foam to relieve back or joint pain while sleeping? “Nectar” is the ideal choice for you. No more back pains with the edge support feature of this mattress. Unlike typical mattresses, it holds and cushions your body in just the right way to relieve the pressure points and stress. Because of its medium firmness and fairly distributing the body weight property, your back can stay aligned through your sleep

Avoid Night Sweats- The biggest problem of memory foams are the sweaty nights. Is this the case with you as well? Say no to sweaty nights.  Nectar designed their mattress with breathability in mind. The cover fabric is cooling and designed to draw heat away from you while the gel memory foam layers are also made to breathe and draw heat away. Thus, preventing the sweaty or sticky waking up through night and introducing cool and comfortable nights in your life.

Warranty & Pricing- Nectar mattress comes with variety of sizes and in the most reasonably prices. Besides all the amazing features of this top memory mattress, affordable price adds value to it. The company also provides a “Forever Warranty” available to the customers with 365 nights to try it out.

Reviews- Based on 1385 customer reviews, Nectar has a rating of 4.8/5. One of the customer from US says that:

“My first night sleeping on the Nectar mattress was absolutely amazing. It basically hugged my body. I don’t even remember falling asleep honestly. All I know is that in the morning, I felt very relaxed and think I slept deeply. I enjoyed the gel feel but was cool, not warm as I had thought I might be on this type of bed Can’t wait to get back in bed.”

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