Puffy Mattress – Internet Most Comfortable Mattress 2018

Puffy Mattress – Internet Most Comfortable Mattress 2018

Puffy mattress is made from visco-elastic polyurethane foam. This material structures around you when you lie on it and returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure. Great quality memory foam mattresses evenly distribute your body weight and gives you the firmness you are looking for without compromising your back, hips and joints.


Puffy mattress memory foam are the foams that makes you feel like you are sleeping on clouds. Made up 2 layers, Puffy mattress have 10 inches thickness. Top layer is the 3 inches thick “Cooling layer” while the 7 inches thick bottom layer is the “Supporting layer”. In comparison with the traditional foams, the supportive layer of Puffy provides four times increased support. These are prepared through high quality and environmental friendly practices.


The Puffy memory foam Mattress is an achievement of 4 years of innovative work making it the best memory foams available. High cost as well as the heating effects seems to be the major issues that holds some buyers back from purchasing memory foam mattress beds. Puffy overcome all these problems and is the topper mattress because of the several reasons discussed below:

Best for Good Night’s Sleep- The Puffy mattress utilizes their patent pending Deep Sleep technology. It is a universal comfort type memory foam mattress, intended to attract an extensive variety of sleepers. The two layers of foam provides support during sleeping and is ideal for side sleepers as well. Avoiding the numbness or stiffness in hips and shoulders, a great job is carried out by these soft memory mattresses.

Best for Couples– Sharing your bed with someone? Are you tired of continuous motion transfer? If yes, then Puffy is what you are looking for.  This special memory foam does not transfer your sleeping partner’s motion as much as to disturb your sleep. Thus, it keeps you from waking from a deep slumber because of the movement of your entire bed. Moreover, Puffy does not let you sink in it regardless of your weight unlike other mattresses, and provides you a firm and comfortable surface.

Best for People with Lower Back Pain- It is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a memory foam to relieve back or joint pain while sleeping. The dreaded mattress sag underneath the hips, which causes the lower spine to tilt and strain for hours is not worth it. Puffy can help that with its medium soft firmness and fairly distributing the body weight, so your back can stay aligned through your sleep or while you are sitting on it. Unlike typical mattresses, it holds and cushions your body in just the right way to relieve the pressure points and stress.

Best for Sleeping Cool- As mentioned, the biggest objection against memory foam is that it tends to trap heat that is a disturbing issue for people who sleep hot. This problem has been overcome by Puffy through the development of cooling elements in mattress covers and layers. Its top layer ensures the neutral temperature of body by the presence of gel infused in it. This provides air flow and breath ability through it thus preventing the sweaty or sticky waking up through night.

Best in Terms of Pricing- Puffy mattress memory foam pricing comes with variety of sizes and in the most reasonably prices. Besides all the amazing features of this top memory mattress, affordable price adds value to it. Life time warranty is ensured by the company as well.

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